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Step 1

You supply us with the Details, Documents and Directives

Step 2

We supply you with Acknowledgement and plan respective action

Step 3

Your documents are dispatched with diligence to ensure successful completion

Step 4

We record our activity throughout and issue a full report / affidavit if required

We are experienced to manage and serve any legal document requirement that you have throughout Auckland and in New Zealand. We deliver your documents with speed, efficiency, accuracy, discretion and sensitivity.

We value your trust in us so at all times the documents and their instructions shall be looked after in the strictest of confidence.This applies to all document servicing including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Notices of Demand
  • Interim and Final Charging Orders
  • Bankruptcy Charges 
  • Divorce Papers
  • Protection Orders
  • Domestic Related Documents
  • Orders For Examination
  • Employment Court Proceedings
  • Personal Document Services
  • High, Civil & Family Court Documents
  • Court of Appeal Documents