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Terms of Engagement

1. Before commencing business together we would ensure that we have agreed to these Terms of Engagement and that you are aware of the prices you will be charged for the instructions you provide  either from our pricing rate card or written quoted rates.

2. When you, the customer, action a Process Serve request on behalf of one of your own clients then the agreement that The FEDS Network Ltd has to carry out such instructions remains between ourselves and the customer (and not the customers client). It will remain the customers liability to pay for such services we have provided should your clients fail to do so.

3.All of The FEDS Network staff will abide by and follow their Code of Ethics, Code of Privacy and the laws of New Zealand.

4. We provide a Fast, Efficient, Documented Service for which we expect payment as set out on our Pricing Page or as per our written communication with you. If not stated it is 7 days from the time that we have advised you of a successful completed service.

5. We require you to pay us the agreed amount on the due date. Late payment fee interest could be charged should this not be adhered to at a rate of 5%/month but we will always inform before such action is taken and will look to find other ways of resolving such a situation.

6. In the event we are unable to act for you in the time required, we reserve the right to instruct another company/process server to act on our behalf on the basis that they have:

a) Met and passed our strict criteria to carry out the instructions provided in the same manner we would do ourselves.

b) have a high level of credibility, maturity and experience and are willing to act under The FEDS Network’s ¬†Code of Ethics/ Code of Privacy and our Terms of Engagement.